solar panels for homes in texas

Solar Panels for Homes in Texas: The Benefits

For homeowners, converting to solar has countless benefits. Making the switch to solar panels for homes in Texas is an extremely simple and easy process with O3 Home Solar—after they’re installed, the only thing left to do is reap the benefits! Here are our top 4 reasons why switching to solar energy is advantageous for Texas homeowners:

1. The Federal Solar Tax Credit

The federal solar tax credit incentivizes people to install solar panels for homes in Texas. The credit allows homeowners to deduct 30% of the installation cost of their solar energy systems from their federal taxes. That means solar panels are even more affordable for Texans!

2. Sustainability

Solar panels are great for the environment! They take advantage of the endless, clean energy provided by the sun to power up our homes. Solar is sustainable because it can’t ever be used up—there will always be more sunlight for our panels to harness.

3. Energy Savings

Using solar panels for homes in Texas means we don’t have to rent our electricity from electric companies. O3 Home Solar clients are seeing approximately 35%+ savings in the cost of utilities! When you install solar panels on your home, not only are you reducing your current bill, but you’ll also put excess energy back into the power grid. When this happens, solar companies actually pay YOU for the energy you’re giving back!

4. Increase the Value of Your Home

Installing solar panels for homes in Texas will increase the value of your home. A recent study by Berkeley Labs found that solar systems increase the resale value of homes by an average of $5,911 per kilowatt of solar installed. In addition, solar powered homes have been found to sell 20% faster than non-solar homes!

The benefits are clear: solar panels for homes in Texas yield high returns and are great for the environment! Converting to solar is actually less expensive than you might think—so why rent your electricity when you could own it? Learn more about how solar works, or contact us today to schedule a Home Solar Analysis!


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