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Converting to Solar should be an easy choice…
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Is Converting to Solar Expensive?

The O3 Home Solar Difference

Just a few years ago, converting to solar was very expensive. As a result, only the wealthiest homeowners could afford to convert their homes to solar power. Over the past few years, solar panels have become much more efficient and cost-effective at producing electricity. Increased efficiency, the large volume of solar panels being produced, and the 26% Federal Tax Credit has made converting your home to solar power more affordable than ever.

How affordable? Most homeowners can experience the benefits of solar panels with $0 down and still save money on utilities each month. That’s right. Most homeowners start saving money the day their solar system is turned on. With no money down, over 85% of O3 Home Solar clients are able to lower their monthly energy bill by installing solar panels. We customize, design, and build each solar system to produce enough energy* (based on previous energy usage) to completely eliminate the electricity bill**. Then, the money that was used for the monthly energy bill can be reallocated to pay for the new solar system. Why RENT your electricity, when it’s cheaper to OWN it?

When converting to solar, our clients reduce their annual utility costs by 35%, on average. This is just one of the benefits converting your home to solar. They now own their solar power plant produces all they energy they need. With their new monthly solar payment, combined with their lower utility bill, our clients have successfully reduced their annual energy costs. Stop renting your electricity and take control of your energy future by converting to solar. *energy production is based on previous annual energy consumption. **Some utility provider service areas excluded.

Take Control of Your Future Energy Needs

Converting to Solar Power puts you in control. A solar system for your home typically costs less than you think. In fact, our clients find that their new monthly solar payment combined with their reduced utility costs are cheaper than what they were paying their utility provider prior to converting to solar. Excess energy will be bought back by your utility provider, benefiting everyone. You will have the ability to own your power instead of being at the mercy of renting it from your utility provider, where you are subject to annual rate increases.

Why rent your electricity when you can own it?™

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I am most excited about using solar energy and being able to keep my house super cold in the summer without an expensive bill! Thanks to O3 Home Solar for doing a great job and making it a smooth process throughout the entire way.

Anthony H.
Fort Worth, TX

I am most excited about saving on my electric bill and helping with the environment. O3 Home Solar kept me informed on the schedule and was there every step of the way. Thanks!

Kenneth & Mary M.
Bedford, TX

O3 Home Solar has provided me with a wealth of information on my solar system and I am so excited that I will be able to produce enough power to eliminate my electric bill!

Steve & Bonnie B.
Fort Worth, TX

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