O3 Home Solar is Changing The Way People Pay For Their Electricity

O3 Home Solar is the optimal solution for taking control over high electric bills once and for all. With this emerging leader in the energy field, homeowners can now easily have solar panels installed at their home and kiss high electricity costs goodbye. Rather than rent energy at the overpriced rate their current energy provider is selling it to them for, homeowners can own their electricity instead and create their own power through solar.

O3 Home Solar is making it easy to switch to solar with their O3 Home Solar Challenge. To prove how owning your own electricity is that much more cost effective, homeowners are challenged to an O3 Solar Diagnostic, and if the diagnostic shows that their electric bill cannot be lowered by converting to solar, O3 will pay them $500. Recently, O3 Home Solar’s president, Adam Foley, sat down with Good Morning Texas host, Jane McGarry, to talk about why there is finally something good about paying electric bills.

“Why convert to solar?” asked McGarry, “You know, the primary purpose is savings!” Foley replied.

According to Foley, there are many reasons to convert to solar, but the biggest advantage between O3 Home Solar and the average energy provider is how much lower their customers’ electric bills are with O3. Even the cheapest energy providers are selling more electricity to their customers than they actually need. Instead, O3 Home Solar is giving homeowners the option to finally be in control of their electricity. From easy monitoring to precise usage, O3 Home Solar makes converting to solar a no-brainer.

Another surprising way the O3 Home Solar system saves homeowners money is by protecting their roof against severe weather. Since solar panels are often more durable than roofing materials, homes with panels stand a better chance against unpredictable Texas weather and climate than those without them. If storms do damage the solar panels, Foley noted, O3 Home Solar customers are protected by a production guarantee for 25 years, so the panels can be replaced at no cost to the homeowner.

In addition to all the money saving features of O3 Home Solar, the Good Morning Texas special ended with an offer for GMT viewers: if viewers call O3 Home Solar today or visit the website and mention the GMT special, O3 will provide a free solar diagnostic for their home. Thanks to O3 Home Solar, homeowners finally have a cost-effective solution to owning your own energy.


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