KRLD’s Consumer Team Connects Consumers to The Latest in Solar Energy: O3 Home Solar

O3 Home Solar, an emerging leader in the solar industry, has gained The Consumer Team’s “Seal of Approval.” Pete Thomson of KRLD’s Consumer Team sat down with O3 Home Solar and Alanna Sarabia from Good Morning Texas to announce the partnership between The Consumer Team and O3 Home Solar. After vetting the Dallas-based solar company extensively, The Consumer Team chose O3 Home Solar as its official solar company because of their proven educational commitment to the consumer and the ethical practices that O3 has established.

Every Saturday on KRLD, The Consumer Team program discusses the latest consumer news, including the best deals, the worst deals, and anything in between that impacts consumers. Thomson brought O3 on the show to discuss several important and exciting features of O3 Home Solar’s money-saving system.

Thomson, who has been an advocate for consumers for over ten years, stated that O3’s “team just do everything with best practices.” The Consumer Team host, President, and CEO of McQ Media continued to inform listeners that the ethics and credibility of O3 Home Solar make them stand out amongst competitors.

Similar to The Consumer Team’s mission, O3 Home Solar is committed to educating consumers about their energy costs. According to O3, all energy consumers should compare their energy provider’s price per watt, production guarantee, and future protection plan to that of a solar energy plan. Additionally, O3 implemented their exclusive O3 Challenge to demonstrate how much money customers can actually save by converting to solar.

While talking with Sarabia on Good Morning Texas, O3 explained that the O3 Challenge is the company’s “declaration to each individual customer” that switching to solar is the most cost-effective energy solution. Homeowners are challenged to take the O3 Home Diagnostic test, and if the test shows that the O3 Solar system cannot lower their average monthly electric bill, O3 will pay them $500.

The Good Morning Texas special included an exclusive offer for viewers as well. Any viewer that calls O3 Home Solar or visits the website today and mentions the Good Morning Texas special can get the $99 diagnostic fee waived for their roof’s solar panels. Consumers are encouraged to explore O3 Home Solar’s energy solutions, which The Consumer Team regards as the best in the solar category. Listen to The Consumer Team program on Saturdays from 6pm to 8pm on KRLD 1080.

The Consumer Team on KRLD

The Consumer Team provides the latest in consumer news and information from a number of credible sources including Consumer Reports Magazine in New York. The Consumer Team also features the ‘best of the best’ businesses across a wide variety of consumer categories. The program is hosted by Pete Thomson, a veteran broadcaster who has a passion for helping consumers. The Consumer Team is a joint production of McQ Media, Dallas.


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