how does solar energy work

How Does Solar Energy Work?

How does solar energy work? You’ve probably asked yourself this question if you’re considering investing in solar panels and it makes sense that you would. We want to make sure you understand what goes into using solar energy to power your home and how it’s going to save you money.

Did You Know the Sun Provides Enough Energy to Power the Planet?

Solar panels harness and convert the sun’s light into a clean renewable energy supply for your home. In order to understand how solar energy works, it’s important to grasp the interaction between the sun and your solar panels.

It all starts at the source: the sun. The sun’s light photons hit the solar panels on the roof of your home, disrupting the static position of the atoms and creating an electric direct current (DC). This then runs through an inverter in order to make the energy usable for your home. The inverter converts the DC electricity to alternating current (AC), which is exactly what your home is already using.  The only difference you’ll see is the savings on your monthly bill!

What About During the Night, After the Sun Goes Down?

During the day, your utility meter will spin backwards as it collects sunlight because you are using only the energy the solar panels create. At night, the meter will spin forward as you consume energy. The utility meter measures how much energy is produced and used every month through a system called “Net Metering.” This allows you to take full advantage of your solar system because you may be creating more energy than you’re using.

What’s the Verdict?

How does solar energy work and is converting to solar expensive? Solar energy starts at the sun, and is converted through your solar panels to provide electricity to your home. Converting to solar does not have to be expensive. Over the past several years, solar energy has been decreasing in cost. And, homeowners can take full advantage of a 30% federal tax credit and other local incentives. The best part about it is you can convert to solar energy now with no money down through O3 Home Solar’s financing options. Your solar panel plus your new electric bill will be lower than what you pay to the utilities company each month. Once you’ve paid off your solar system, you’re creating completely free energy. Enjoy savings and energy independence. To learn more about solar energy and the process of harnessing the sun, click here!


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