Scott Sullivan

As the President of O3 Home Solar Scott brings 30 years of professional sales and tactical marketing experience in the energy sector, both domestic and international. 

Having worked with global energy companies on residential, commercial and Utility scale renewable energy projects, Scott’s experience makes him recognized as an energy industry expert; especially when it comes to solar.

Scott is also recognized in the solar energy sector as a global resource, working with PV panel manufacturers, power electronic manufacturers (inverters) including fuel cell manufacturers, and renewable project developers and EPC’s.

Scott has an extremely deep technical background but primarily has the ability to extract the value proposition from a complex multi-faceted deal, boil it down to simple concepts that are easy to understand and pass that information on to the client.  This allows Scott to be integral in the sales process and process development (managing the sales process and the team) and seamlessly transitioning into maximizing revenue generation from the developed process.

Scott’s ability to find connections between people, products and companies has earned him the reputation of a true networker and the respect of his colleagues.


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