Bob Klesath

Bob Klesath enjoys working with his clients and one of his personal career goals has always been to help improve his clients lives in a meaningful way through the products or services he represents. Bob has been very successful achieving this goal throughout his career.

Bob began his career in the Mortgage industry in 1989 and worked as a loan officer until 2004 where he helped individuals and families navigate the arduous process of becoming a homeowner, which is often the single largest purchase they will make in their lifetime. Then, Bob spent the next six years helping improve the lives of his clients through credit repair. Most recently, Bob worked in the water purification industry where he helped homeowners discover the benefits of residential water purification systems.

Bob was introduced to O3 Home Solar through a former co-worker and he immediately saw the value he can provide to homeowners by helping educate them on the benefits of converting to solar.

Bob believes that solar power is the most viable, sustainable, and (in most cases) affordable source of energy available to homeowners today. He expects the solar industry to experience exponential growth as efficiencies and technologies continue to advance.

Bob is an experienced horseman. He grew up riding and showing quarter horses. In his free time, Bob enjoys playing golf and spending time with his family.


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