Ben Amand

  1. My past professional experience includes 16 years of service in the beverage wholesale and distribution business in north Texas. My belief in renewable energy technology led to me start a new career in solar.
  2. I believe in renewable energy because homeowners deserve the freedom to choose how the power their homes and take control of their energy cost.
  3. I believe 2020 is the beginning of a nationwide solar boom and Texas will be a key player in this movement.
  4. My first goal and main focus is hitting my monthly goals set by O3 leadership. Once I am consistently hitting those goals I want to set higher goals to achieve. The ultimate goal I have is to manage a $1MM monthly revenue department.
  5. “Screw around screw around, soon you won’t be around”
  6. I want people to remember as a man who shows up to work every day to improve on the day before. Someone who was always there for his teammates and coworkers, as well as someone who O3 leadership could always depend on.
  7. I am happiest outside of work hanging out around our pool with family and friends.
  8. My best talent that most people don’t know is that I am talented on the smoker and grill. I enjoy cooking outside with a backyard full of friends.


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